Textile artist

Featured artist in The Art of Quilting (issue 104) Hachette Partworks Ltd

Article in Stitch Magazine June/July 2013

Article in Sewing World magazine June 2013

Quilt featured in article in February edition of Popular Patchwork 2013

Article published in Modern Quilting Magazine issue 4 2012

Quilts featured in CQ@10 published for CQ/QGBI 2012

Review in British Patchwork and Quilting magazine June 2010

Articles for Workshop on The Web and Quiltwow, internet based workshops. 2008-9

Articles published in Popular Patchwork. 2008-9

A chapter in The Quilters' Guild Collection: Contemporary Quilts, Heritage Inspiration, David and Charles. 2005

A chapter on Seminole quilts in The Quilters Handbook, New Holland. 1999

Various articles in The Quilter, the quarterly publication of The Quilters' Guild of the British Isles

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